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the first Aftermarket Supplier specialized in Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel Systems and Controls

Xtreme-DI LLC

This is just an extract of the products XDI will focus on.
You can get every Bosch Motorsport Component and almost every Bosch component from us.

We can help you with understanding your current system or designing a custom Injector optimized for your particular application.
This can be e.g. higher flow or higher pressure levels or completely new spray numbers and angles (custom Spray Targeting).

High Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Valves


Looking for more pressure? 500bar? Full Delivery (no solenoid)

We can help you with all of that !!!



High Pressure Gasoline Direct Injection Pumps

Now available !!! Our standalone GDI Controllers with integrated 1GB datalogger MS6.3 and MS6.4 !!!

Performance Line ECU MS5


High resolution freely configurable Displays, 2GB Dataloggers
LTE60–Telemetry, we made happen what nobody thought would work…

Now available, our new Color Display DDU9 !!!

Bosch Motorsport Displays, Dataloggers and Telemetry


We provide several new key technologies to help you with tuning your engine on the engine dyno or in any other target environment.
No matter if you just want to go to the absolute limit and knock / detonation or if you do advanced combustion strategies or alternative fuels.
We provide the tools to help you go to and beyond the limits without risking your engines.

Advanced Combustion Analysis

Product List

All Xtreme-DI Products are Designed Solely for Off-Road Motorsport Use - (c) 2017 Xtreme-DI


The ECUs of the Performance Line offer individual solutions for various motorsport applications.

High Flow Gasoline Direct Injection Pumps

The first GDI high flow pump

Fuel for 600+ HP with one bolt on pump

High Flow Gasoline Direct Injection Valves

Need higher flow rates for your performance application?

We partnered up with Nostrum Energy to provide OEM quality high flow Kinetic Direct Injectors.