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With the new MS6–Family Bosch now offers an affordable solution for port-injected engines as well as for direct injected Engines.

All Bosch Motorsport ECUs can be calibrated in real time without restrictions, all MS6 ECUs come with integrated datalogger.

Product Summary
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New GDI-Controller MS6.4

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MS6.1              $3299

MS6.2              $6092

MS6.3              $7249

MS6.4              $9980


New user friendly Interface and Software !!!

With the new Bosch Motorsport Powerpack (MS6, DDU9, PBX90) Bosch introduced a new Software structure with easier more intuitive naming conventions and a new User Interface that combines configuration of Logger and Display (either separate device or MS6 integrated), configuration of Telemetry, real time calibration of ECU functions and real time data analysis in one new Tool named “Racecon”.

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MS6.1 Datasheet   (12cyl PFI, with Datalogger)

MS6.2 Datasheet   (MS6.1 plus max. I/O)

MS6.3 Datasheet   (8cyl GDI, with Datalogger)

MS6.4 Datasheet   (12cyl GDI, max.IO, with Datalogger)