XDI-HPFP for Taurus SHO

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All Xtreme-DI Products are Designed Solely for Off-Road Motorsport Use - (c) 2017 Xtreme-DI

XDI-HPFP-35 is developed and manufactured by Xtreme-DI LLC. This is not a Bosch Motorsport Product.

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Our XDI-HPFP35 for the SHO is capable of up to 200bar / 2900psi injection pressure (same as OEM).

It flows up to 35% more when mounted on the OEM cam lobe.

Product Summary

The XDI-HPFP-60 is the bigger brother of the XDI-HPFP-35. It was designed based on the same flexibility criteria as the XDI-HPFP-35.

It is capable of up to 240bar / 3500psi injection pressure.
It flows up to 60% more when mounted on the same cam lobe.

We are still working on the tuning changes to find the last % power.

These changes are supported by SCT right now.
We are working on COBB and HPTuner Support.

Thanks to our R&D partner Brew City Boost

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E50, no meth

2015 MY Taurus SHO

2010-2015 MY Taurus SHO