XDI-HPFP for F150 Gen1

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Xtreme-DI LLC

Our XDI-HPFP35 for the F150 Gen1 is capable of up to 200bar / 2900psi injection pressure which is 33% more than the OEM 150bar / 2150psi.
This allows for an injector flow increase of 15% and better spray vaporization.
It flows up to 30% more when mounted on the OEM cam lobe.

Product Summary

All Xtreme-DI Products are Designed Solely for Off-Road Motorsport Use - (c) 2017 Xtreme-DI

The XDI-HPFP-60 is the bigger brother of the XDI-HPFP-35.
It is capable of up to 240bar / 3500psi injection pressure.
It flows up to 50% more when mounted on the same cam lobe.

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XDI-HPFP is developed and manufactured by Xtreme-DI LLC. This is not a Bosch Motorsport Product.

There are tuning changes required to make the pumps work .
These changes are supported by SCT and HPtuner.

This is a really old and conservative tune. More HP easy possible, see Pantera.

Text Box: Gas Monkey Pantera
472whp / 499ft-lbs

The “Gas Monkey Garage” Pantera was one of the first cars that we ran our HPFP35 on. Tuned by Adam from Revolution Automotive it made 472whp/499ft-lb on 93oct.

The SMU-Racing Team is using our HPFP-60 together with a set of Nostrum High Flow injectors on a custom built F150 based race engine in the Australian off-road Series.
670whp DI only and still tuning.