XDI - High Pressure Pump HDP5

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The HDP5 is the latest Generation Bosch High Pressure Direct Injection pump.

It is capable of up to 500bar / 7250psi injection pressure.

Product Summary

Customer benefits

 Series experience: high number of customer applications worldwide, compliance to major global fuel specifications

 Best in class concerning number of possible design variants

 Optimized fuel economy due to demand controlled operation

 Zero evaporation (ZEVAP) capable

 Low weight (780g)

 Easy application to engine packaging

Bosch High Pressure Pump HDP5

Bosch High Pressure Pump HDP5-LW

HDP5 evo

 Significant noise improvement

 Increased flow rate

 Max. 1.2 cm3/rotcam



 Special reduced weight variant



500bar pumps are one off, hand made prototypes and therefore range in the $4000-10,000 range depending on specs and order quantity. Please contact us for details

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