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The XDI-CA devices are mobile combustion analyzer systems that work based on your stock Crank Trigger Signal (e.g. 60-2).
This makes them perfect for in-vehicle use on a roller dyno or on track.

The XDI-CA1 is capable of reading one Cylinder Pressure Sensor at 125kHz.
XDI-CA2 is capable of reading two Cylinder Pressure Sensor at 80kHz.
XDI-CA8 is capable of reading eight Cylinder Pressure Sensors or four Cylinder- plus four Intake Port Pressure Sensors at 125kHz each.
All devices have color coded Deutsch ASU-Connectors for Trigger and Sensors. The Inputs are optimized for XDI-CPS sensors.

The analysis SW runs on every Windows based PC. It comes pre-configured for XDI-CA1 or XDI-CA8 and offers virtually unlimited analysis functions.
For mobile use we offer a pre-configured 10” Tablet PC.

The processed Signals (e.g. Peak Pressure, Angle of Peak Pressure, IMEP, Knock Pressure), can be sent on CAN-bus and that way recorded on a datalogger together with other data like your spark and fuel timing or your cam phasing.

Product Summary


XDI-CA1rp      $4000
XDI-CA2rp      $4500

XDI-CA8rp      $8800

XDI-CA10rp    $9900




Screenshot of Analysis-SW

All Xtreme-DI Products are Designed Solely for Off-Road Motorsport Use - (c) 2017 Xtreme-DI

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