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the first Aftermarket Supplier specialized in Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel Systems and Controls

Xtreme-DI LLC

Company Founder and GDI Expert

Uwe Ostmann

About Us

Founded in June 2014, Xtreme-DI, LLC is a company with 4 major directives.

1) satisfy the need for application specific, high-performance fuel systems for all available and custom GDI-engines

2) Providing GDI-System solutions including wet components, necessary controls, sensors and calibration know-how.

3) Providing the latest technologies in combustion analysis and data acquisition. This includes e.g. the latest Bosch Motorsport Lambda-Meter LT2 Sport, affordable Cylinder Pressure Sensor XDI-CPS and the Bosch Motorsport LTE60-Telemetry.

4) Training and Coaching of Teams, Tuners and all Engineers being new to the latest Bosch Motorsport Technologies on engine dyno or on track.

Located close to the Motor City Detroit in Wixom, Michigan, XDI operates out of its own 2,000 sq. ft. facility which houses all of the companyís functions including a fuel system lab, an engine dyno and an electronics lab.

XDI's roots are deeply in the Bosch Fuel System world. Starting at Bosch in Germany in August 2001, XDIís founder Uwe Ostmann developed Diesel High Pressure Nozzles and early faced the challenges of tuning a common rail based high pressure system.
After leading the Audi LMP1 fuel system development and developing several key technologies at Bosch Motorsport Germany, Uwe came to the US in July 2012 and took over the fuel system development of all OEM race projects based on GDI systems.

All Xtreme-DI Products are Designed Solely for Off-Road Motorsport Use - (c) 2017 Xtreme-DI

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